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Yellow Fever in Buenos Aires by Juan Manuel Blanes

   This painting shows a scene from the Yellow Fever epidemic in Buenos Aires (1871), oil on canvas by the famous artist Juan Manuel Blanes in the National Museum of Visual Arts (Uruguay).
    The Yellow Fever in Buenos Aires was a series of epidemics that took place in 1852, 1858, 1870 and 1871, the latter being a disaster that killed about 8% of Porteños: in a city where the daily death rate was less than 20, there were days that killed more than 500 people.
    The Yellow Fever would have come from Asunción, Paraguay, brought by Argentine soldiers returning from the war just fought in that country, having previously spread in the city of Corrientes. As its worst, Buenos Aires population was reduced to a third because of the exodus of those escaping the scourge.
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Yellow fever in Buenos Aires (1871) stam
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