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San Camillo de Lellis saves the sick

   "San Camillo de Lellis saves the sick in the hospital of the Holy Spirit" (1746) by Pierre Subleyras Hubert.

    This oil-on-canvas is now hanging on the right wall in the second room of the first floor in Braschi Palace's museum, in Rome. It was painted by the French artist Pierre Subleyras Hubert and was completed in 1746 in occasion of the canonization (on the 29th of June) of Camillus de Lellis.

    The saint had dedicated his entire life to the cure of the deseased and had promoted the essential role of the clerics in the physical assistance to the sick, managing, in 1586 to found the order of Camillians.

    The masterpiece indeed portrays Saint Camillus while trying to rescue, with his followers the Camillians (recognizable by a red cross on a black suit), the deseased at the Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Saxia, during the overflow of the Tiber on Christmas day in 1598.

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