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Medical Philately, COVID-19 (Corona Virus) on Stamps Worldwide

Several postal administrations worldwide have decided to issue postage stamps to commemorate this tragic event, respectively as a tribute to those who fight dangerous contagion in the front lines: doctors, nurses, medical staff, scientists, firefighters, police, soldiers, and so on. Another reason for issuing these postage stamps is the efforts of the issuing countries to raise public awareness, which, together with effective personal hygiene and protection measures, is the most effective means of combating this insidious disease.

1-IRAN - National Heroes (17th March 2020):

This postage stamp (18 000 Rial) depicts medical workers, a paramedic in protective mask, and a symbolic graphical representation of sars-cov-2 virus (COVID-19).

2-VIETNAM - Combined Forces Against COVID-19 (31st March 2020)

This pair of postage stamps (4 000 d and 15 000 d). The 4,000 d postage stamp depicts units fighting the pandemic, namely health care workers, soldiers and police, along with ordinary citizens they care for. The 15,000 d postage stamp depicts scientists, doctors in researching the vaccine, preventive medicines, and medical treatment needed to fight the virus.

3-CHINA- Tribute to the Front-line Fighters (planned issue on 7th April 2020 postponed indefinitely)

This pair of postage stamps (2 x 1,20 yuan) was issued in honor of the fighters against the corona virus sars-cov- (COVID-19), and in memory of those who succumbed to it. These postage stamps depict a paramedic in protective clothing and a pandemic combat unit, namely health care workers, soldiers and police officers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to the latest information, the Chinese Post has abandoned its intention to issue upcoming stamps on the corona virus COVID-19, more accurately revoked the planned date of April 7, 2020 and has not yet set a new date. In this respect, the figures shown - there are even two versions - remain in the form of proposals, which may or may not be officially released. Therefore, beware! If they appear or are offered to you, they are probably forgery!

4-SPAIN - Health Tribute Appreciation (March/April 2020)

This is an interesting achievement - that could be implemented in other countries - is the issue of a personalized postage stamp in Spain. In particular, the philatelic association Asfinca in Calahorra has asked Spain to issue a depicted personalized stamp with the aim to "thank the work people who do health in these difficult days for all". This personalized postage stamp (symbolic value A) depicts the hospital building in Calahorra and the text: "HOMENAJE SANITARIOS AGRADECIMIENTO POR VUESTRA PROFESIONALIDAD".

5-SWITZERLAND - Solidarity with those Affected by the Virus COVID-19 (April 2020)

This surcharge (or semi-) postage stamp (1,00 + 5,00 SvFr) was issued in the sheets of 10 stamps, depicts the symbolism of the medical cross and the population of people with raised hands and the call for solidarity with the affected COVID-19 virus in four languages:" COVID-19 / Solidaridad / Solidarieta / Solidarité / Solidarität".

6-BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Pandemic COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the World (April 2020)

This postage stamp (0,90 M) depicts two COVID-19 viruses as two zeros in 2020 and a text: "PANDEMIJA COVID-19 U BIH I SVIJETU 2020".

7-INDONESIA - Give Corona No Chance! Stay at Home (April 2020)

This pair of postage stamps (2 x 5000 Rup) depicts a rescuer in a protective clothing and multiple COVID-19 viruses and red blood cells with a challenge: "GIVE CORONA NO CHANCE! / STAY AT HOME".

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