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Medicine and Science in Postage Stamps


  by W J Bishop and Norman Murdoch Matheson

  Publisher: London, Harvey & Blythe, 1948.


   This is the first book on the subject to be published on 1948. It is hoped that it will interest the in­creasing number of doctors, medical students and nurses who collect postage stamps relating to medicine and science, and also the many laymen who are attracted by this particular field of philately.

   In writing this little book the authors have been concerned with the story behind the stamps rather than with the purely philatelic details that are already recorded in the standard catalogues. Although they have dealt with a number of stamps relating to the various branches of pure and applied science, the emphasis throughout was on the medical and allied sciences. No attempt has been made to enumerate all the stamps of medical or scientific interest.

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Medicine and Science on Postage Stamps Book free download
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