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Health Care Professionals and Medical Scientists on Postage Stamps

by Dr. Rudy Burgmeijer


  In three volumes with a total of 2,316 pages the author Rudy Burgmeijer has brought together 4,012 reproductions of stamps from his collection with 1,468 interesting biographies of professionals and scientists in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacology, and veterinary medicine. Thus giving an insight into medical history from thousands of years before Christ till the present day.

   This set of three books is intended for people who are not only interested in collecting stamps with portraits of medical professionals, but who are also interested in ‘the person behind the picture’ and want to know more about their career and the reason why they have been honoured with their portrait and/or their name on a postage stamp.

  Of course, people like Albert Schweitzer, Henri Dunant and Louis Pasteur are well known to almost everybody. But the medical background of many other personalities portrayed on postage stamps is much less known. Either because they are only famous in their own country, or because they are much better known by their non-medical career.

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