Le Philatéliste by François Barraud, 1929

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   Here you can find a unique exclusive gallery of the most amazing artworks and masterpieces of fine arts among history depicting medical subjects and issued on stamps, with full information and extensive references.

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Medical Philately, Filatelia Médica, Filateli medis, Медицинская Филателия, Filatelia medica, 医療切手, 集邮医学, 의학적으로, Medisch filatelie, medizinische Philatelie, Philatélie médicale, Orvosi Filatélia, 集郵醫學, Tıbbi Filateli, Medikal na Philately, Falsafah Perubatan, Ιατρική Φιλοτελία, پزشکی فیلاته, طوابع طبية

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp


Love Sickness by Jan Steen


The Sick Woman by Jan Steen

The Anatomy Lesson of Joan Deyman.png

The Anatomy Lesson of Joan Deyman


Andreas Vesalius self portrait

pavlov1 copy.png

Pavlov Portrait by Mikhail Nesterov

the boy copy.png

"The Boy from Vallecas" by Diego Velázquez

darwin medical philately.png

Charles Robert Darwin by John Collier

The Sick Child by Edvard Munch stamp 2 c

The Sick Child by Edvard Munch 

Mother and sick child by Pablo Picasso s

Mother and sick child by Pablo Picasso


The Dropsy Woman by Gerard Dou 


Ivan Sechenov Portrait by Ilya Repin


Christ among the Doctors by Albrecht Dürer 

ussr-1957-y-t-n-1919-william-harvey copy

Portrait of Dr. William Harvey 


First Operation with Ether Anaesthesia


Pierre Auguste Renoir Two Sisters on the Terrace

Mirror-image with Brita 1895 by Carl Lar

Mirror-image with Brita 1895 by Carl Larsson

Pablo_Picasso (Mother_and_Child,_Acrobat

Pablo Picasso Mother and Child, Acrobats

The painter's daughters on the way to sc

The daughters on the way to school by Gustav Adolph Hennig


The Doctor by Luke Fildes


The Doctor’s Visit by Jan Steen


The Illness of Antiochus by Jean Ingres.

Theodor Billroth Operating.png

Theodor Billroth Operating

before shot jpg copy.png

"Before the Shot" by Norman Rockwell

DBP_1983_1184_Otto_Heinrich_Warburg copy

Otto Heinrich Warburg Oil Painting Portrait


Sick Woman and a Doctor by Jan Steen

Portrait of Marie Curie Painting by Ritc

Portrait of Marie Curie Painting by Ritchard Rodriguez

Christ Healing the Sick by Rembrandt sta

Christ Healing the Sick by Rembrandt 

Patron Saints of the Sick  stamps 1.png

San Camillo de Lellis saves the sick

Dame-Cicely-Saunders-Catherine-Goodman c

Dame Cicely Saunders by Catherine Goodman

Sick-Bacchus copy.png

Sick Bacchus by Caravaggio 


Jesus among the Doctors by Albrecht Dürer 

Avicenna Canon medical philately.png

Avicenna (Ibn-Sina) Painting


Claude Bernard (1813-1878) by Guillemet

Anne Pauline Dufour-Feronce with her son

Anne with her son by Tischbein


Mother and child sitting at the table by Ferdinand Hodler


Reine Lefebvre Holding a Nude Baby 


The Sick Child by Gabriël Metsu


The Apothecary by Pietro Longhi


Healing the sick, fresco by Domenico di Bartolo.

doctor and doll .png

Doctor and Doll by Norman Rockwell

prescription pharmacist.png

The Pharmacist by Norman Rockwell

von grafe.png

Albrecht von Graefe Memorial by Rudolf Siemering

DrsMayoStamp copy.png

Mayo brothers by James Earle Fraser

Yellow fever in Buenos Aires (1871) stam

Yellow Fever in Buenos Aires by Juan Manuel Blanes

'The Sick Child' by Carriere .png

'The Sick Child' by Carriere 

Patron Saints of the Sick  stamps 2.png

Saint John of God, the patron of nursing

Mary-Seacole-Albert-Charles-Challen copy

Mary Seacole by Albert Charles Challen

Science-and-Charity-Picasso copy.png

The Patient "Science and Charity" by Picasso

Portrait of Dr. Gachet by Vincent van Go

Portrait of Dr. Gachet by Vincent van Gogh 


Philippe Pinel à la Salpêtrière by Tony Robert-Fleury

mother lead her child by hans erni,www.m

Mother and Child by Hans Erni

Arthur John Elsley - Playtime Painting,w

Arthur John Elsley - Playtime


MRS. Richard HOARE with her infant by JOSHUA REYNOLDS 

The Angel of Life, 1894, Mother and Chil

The Angel of life, 

Mother and Child by Giovanni Segantini

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