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Medical Philately, Filatelia Médica, Filateli medis, Медицинская Филателия, Filatelia medica, 医療切手, 集邮医学, 의학적으로, Medisch filatelie, medizinische Philatelie, Philatélie médicale, Orvosi Filatélia, 集郵醫學, Tıbbi Filateli, Medikal na Philately, Falsafah Perubatan, Ιατρική Φιλοτελία, پزشکی فیلاته, طوابع طبية
Medical Philately, postage, stamps,

  I have been always fascinated by the ability of these small pieces of paper to display the history and culture of mankind. At a time, stamps presented the true memory of humanity, nations and countries through ages; and medicine is no exception. My lifetime and endless passion for medicine, art, history and philately was behind the creation of this website. To my knowledge, this sweet mix has not been approached this way before. The aim of this website is to provide all my available resources, including my medical philatelic collection; which I consider one of biggest on earth!, and to share this passion with the world. All provided material is free to download and use with proper citation (name and link of website). Hoping you will enjoy as you proceed; I welcome you to this website willing to provide a unique experience that can teach, illuminate and inspire.


Medicine, Art, History and Philately

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Medicine.. Art.. Stamps !

  Most famous classical fine art masterpieces and paintings depicting medical theme are presented on the exclusive "Art" pages with full infos about the artwork and the related medical subject. 

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  A treasure of exclusive downloads including many rare albums, books, journal issues and more, can be found on the "Download" pages...enjoy.

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